Notre-Dame School

    Enseignement catholique AEPI-OGEC Ecole Notre-Dame
    School group : nursery and primary school
    2135 sqm
    2.7M€ excl.VAT

Notre-Dame School is an iconic academic establishment and junior school in downtown Agde, and decision has been taken to move the school closer to the senior high school, off the city center.

This new academic complex comprises a 22 beds nursery, 4 kindergarten classes, and 6 elementary classes, as well as a lunchroom, a reheating facility, a motricity room and a library.

The building has a “L” shape, around the playgrounds, protecting them from the prevailing winds. The school hosts a kindergarten and an elementary school, on two levels: the nursery, the kindergarten, common premises and administration are located on the ground floor, and the elementary school stands at first level. The main volumes are simple, and use a traditional architectural vocabulary, as required by the city regulations. Yards, gangways and sunshades bring a dynamic feeling to the whole by a colored and tonic writing.