A DPLG architect and an MBA graduate from ESSEC also Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), he worked for Jacques Kalisz and, later, for Paul Phelouzat on major hospital projects in Egypt, before becoming a partner in the Groupe Volume, an architecture and engineering firm, where he dedicated much of his time to the export market, particularly Madagascar and Algeria.
He then spent six years as a Programme Director at Klépierre. In this post he was, notably, responsible for the shopping centre projects of Val d’Europe, Seine Rive Gauche, and Mans-Jacobins.
Thierry de Dinechin co-founded DGLA with Philippe Gorce in 1996. In 1997, he set up DGLA’s African subsidiary with Lamine Diouf in Abidjan, a city in which de Dinechin spent six years. He also founded DGLA Sud in Montpellier.
He is one of the three founding partners of ZUO.


A DPLG Architect trained in stagecraft by Yves Bonnat, Philippe Gorce started his career as city architect for the town of Aïn Chock, from 1983 to 1985, in the suburbs of Casablanca, in Morocco. He developed there around fifteen projects during this two-year period. A member of Groupe Volume from 1987 to 1993, he took part to numerous projects, mainly in Madagascar and in Algeria (plants and academic buildings). He started his own practice in 1993, developing private projects in France and abroad : shops and headquarters, housing projects, conference centers, etc…
In 1996, he created DGLA with Thierry de Dinechin, and was mainly in charge of the refurbishment project of Saint-Lazare station in Paris, until the end of works in 2012.
Philippe Gorce is a founding partner of DGLA Sud and of DGLA Ivory Coast.
He is one of the three founding partners of ZUO.


A qualified DPLG (Diplômé par le Gouvernement) architect, is registered with both the French Architects’ Order and the Colegio de Arquitectos de España. He gained experience working at various firms including C. Bapst & B. Pantz, F. Hammoutene, H.P. Maillard, and E. Sire & J.P. Moneste from 1988 to 1990. After this period, he traveled around the world in 1991 and served as a National Service Cooperating Officer, traveling through a dozen countries in Central and East Africa in 1993 and 1994.

After living in Cameroon until 1995 as an independent architect, Simon established and developed a subsidiary of the Groupe Lesmon focused on computer-generated imagery, collaborating with firms such as Chaix & Morel, J. Rougerie, Koffi & Diabate, and companies like FR3 and Renault. From 1998 to 2001, he worked at Les Architectes CVZ in Barcelona, and in 2002 he joined Arte Charpentier in Paris, engaging in projects in France and China before moving to ZUO in 2003.

In 2006, Simon co-founded ZUO Montpellier, where he focuses on expanding the firm’s reach both in Southern France and internationally, notably in Benin, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, and Senegal.



Office director - Architect


Office director - Architect

Frédéric HASID

Partner architect Spain & Portugal

Lamine DIOUF

Partner architect - Office director
São Paulo

Leticia ROTH

Director of International Development
São Paulo


Partner architect - Office director

Matheus MEHLER

Partner architect - Office director


International Development Manager






Project manager



Iracema AGUIAR

Administrative and financial manager


Architect - Urbanist


They worked at ZUO Sihem Abdou / Chloé Adrien / Delphine Aillaud / Fouzia Aït-Maamar / Antonia Albrizio-Victoor / Matthieu Angelozzi / Jessica Aubin / Mourad Balit / Pedro Bareira / Stéphanie Baudou / Gaëlle Bazile / Paul Bazo / Chloé Beaugrand / Mylène Beaumont / Louis Behin / Sofiane Bessalem / Claire Béghin / Julie Bonpain / Anna Boruta / Matthieu Bourillon / Patrick Briot / Louis de Brive / Claire Brottier / Aurélie Brulé / Anaïs Brunet / Eleonora Campofiorito / Aurore Casvigny / Marion Catonne / Pierre Cavillon / Tiphaine de Cazenove / Lars Chapuis / Flroent Charruel / Adem Cissoko / Aimé Conigliaro / Christelle Costecalde / Goreti de Cruz / Constant Danouma / Anne Daragon / Annick Darsoulant / Marine Déceneux / Juliette Demeestere / Erwan Desgrees Du Lou / Hugues Desouches / Sofiane Djedid / Rui Dos Santos / Aude Dubois / Rémi Duflos / Pierre Fraysse Panoff / Lou Friant / Solène Filsoufi / Cédric Fleury / Maria-Héléna Foligne / Nathalie Fournier / Sylvie Gallittu / Emmanuel Garcias / Andréa Garnier / Maha Ghanam / François-Xavier Gilles / Aurélie Gillot / Christophe Gobert / Marta Godziemba Dambska / Raphaëlle Gonin-Labat / Véronique Granier / Didier Gueston / Gwenaël Hamel / Brice Hautin / Christian Henk / Laurent Hervé / Guillaume Hervoches / Floriane Hilairet / Delphine Issert / Antony Jacquet / Mathias Janin / David Joseph / Yann Josse / Yann Khalili / Yann Huet / Sophie Lamy / Fanny Landeau / Marie-Laure Langlois / Marianne Lardilleux / Etienne Large / Hervé Laurent / Aude Le Bail / Chantal Leblanc-Moquet / Paul Lebrun / Valérie Lechêne / Clio Leenhardt / Eric Loyer / Valentino Lucchiari / Vanessa Maestro / Carole Mahé / Caroline Mangen / Loïc Maria / Céline Masson / Benoît Masson-Régnault / Corina Mansuy / Virginie Matha / Marie-Hélène Mazeyrac / Federico Mazzoli / Mounir Melouah / Monia Merabet / Matthieu Merlen / Karthi Mick / Jacqueline Morillon / Bérénice Morisse / Florence Mottes / Edin Mujezinovic / Kamil Najmowicz / Gérard Nguyen / Orchidée Nguyen-Ha / Camille Paillat / Véronique de Palmas / Benjamin Peiro / Wladimir Peshaud / Gérald Philibert / Axel Pierens / Sandra Pinto / Delphine Plisson / Porfirio Franco Pontès / Cristain Portillo / Antonin Rabaux / Joanna Raoult / Tsaratsiry Rakotomihanta / Patrice Ratinaud / Christian Rémy / Julien Reybet-Degas / Hervé Ribier / Alize Roche / Jean-Marie Roisin / Pierre-Henri Roy / Julie Ruiz / Ahlame Saoud / Séverin Schaeffer / Gabrielle Servius-Harmois / Julie Singer / Christian Sonnet / Hélicia Sonneville / Michel Soutarson / Anne-Lise Ster / Jean Daniel Tevenin / Antoine Tourne / Julien Valoatto / Agathe Verdier / Nives Voinov / Heiko Weissbach / Ivan Widmer / Adam Wodzynski / Samir Yahiaoui et Stéphane Zaragoza.

Some projects give us the chance to work with fellow architects, such as :

Air Architectures / Arep / Arkhitekton / Arquitectonica / Saba Architectes / Caba-Benié
Adou / Chabanne Et Partenaires / Cmla / Design International / Christian Devillers / JeanMarc
Duthilleul / Fhy / Yves Grandperret / Alain Le Masson / Antoine Perrau / Michel
Reynaud / Studio 135 …

Pyramides d’Argent 2017

«Prix de l’immobilier d’entreprise»

Mapic Awards 2014

«Most Innovative Shopping Centre»

Janus du design 2013 

"Janus du Commerce" - Lauréat

Mapic Awards 2013 

"Prix Special du Jury"

2013 ICSC European Shopping

Centre - Award Winner

Lauréat du Trophée des SIIC 2012

«Prix Ville et Avenir»

Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie 2012

«Prix Construction et Aménagement»

Lauréat des Trophées de l'Accessibilité

"Prix spécial du Conseil National Handicap et du Ministère de l'Economie et des Finances"

Trophées du SIEC 2010 

"Meilleure création de centre 2010"

Mapic Awards 2010

"Best Shopping Centre"

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